Old School


Image from http://oldcomputers.net/pics/macintosh.jpg

I was on the yearbook staff in high school, and we designed our entire publication on these computers. I’ve been a Mac fan for a long time, and I think it will be just like riding a bicycle when I finally have one of my own again. I switched to a PC in college because it was cheaper, but I longed for the days of “System Error” rather than the blue screen of death.



I’m one of two teachers representing my high school at our district’s xCamp this summer. The blurb from the invitation states, “xCamp is an innovative and engaging experience that will take teachers through an immersive [sic] experience that builds deep understanding of how students create, connect, share and collaborate in 1:X classrooms. This high-energy camp experience will give teachers from across the district an opportunity to build relationships while learning new ways to empower students through Strategic Design. Presented by national experts, xCamp will ignite instructional design and take your classroom to a whole new level!”

I’m excited for the opportunity, and I look forward to sharing my discoveries here throughout the summer and with my colleagues when we return to school in the fall.