Day 1 – iOS and OS Basics

I’m going to try my best to be concise, but there’s so much to share!

We started the day with a team-building exercise, and this was our result:


That’s 4 inches of marshmallow genius right there. The project was inspired by Tom Wujec’s TED Talk, Build a Tower, Build a Team. The winning tower was 6 inches tall, so we were close. Sort of.

Following the tower challenge, we dove right in to iOS basics. Most of the info was a refresher, but I learned a few new things that have totally changed my life.

  1. Force quit closes out apps that may still be running in the background thus prolonging your battery life. There’s another way to use this feature that I’ll discuss another time.
  2. Create a reading list in Safari to flag articles to read later. The reading list can be accessed offline, a great feature for a wi-fi only iPad.
  3. iBooks is Amazing. Capital A. I had no idea, really. Many of the classics are available for free in the store, or you can find them on Project Gutenberg and open them with the iBook app. And once there, the possibilities are truly endless. You can highlight, annotate, define words, bake a cake… Books in the ePub format have a study cards feature that takes all of the annotations and turns them into flashcards to study. I cannot even begin to tell you how absolutely cool this is. This has totally shifted my thinking away from the iPad as an expensive Facebook-checker or Twitter-tweeter.

After indulging in a tasty sandwich from Jason’s Deli, it was time to unbox the MacBook Pro.


I’ve said before that I got my start on the Apple when I was in high school, but this is nothing like that. I saw shades of a few things that carried over from the old-school model, like no right click option. Once we started looking more closely at the OS basics, other memories started to click, like the Apple icon as the home base, so to speak. Aside from all of the trackpad settings and dock introductions, I found out that QuickTime is more than a way to watch videos. The screen recording and audio recording features automatically lend themselves to how-to videos and podcasting. Possibilities are endless.

Tomorrow we’re diving into some apps, namely Garage Band, iPhoto, and iMovie. Right now, I’m going to keep playing with my new MacBook.


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