Day 2 – iOS Productivity Tools

We started the day with an introduction to Keynote for iOS, Apple’s presentation tool. The terminology is a bit different from PowerPoint, but the idea is the same. Once I learned how to navigate it and find what I needed, Keynote was a breeze. Files can be saved to view on OS or PC, and you can also save them as PDFs. Embedding videos is really simple, but you have to be sure you don’t delete the original file from your camera roll. If you do, the video won’t play in the presentation. I created a mini lesson with some background info on Brutus and his role in Julius Caesar. I might have kids do something similar with background info from To Kill a Mockingbird.

After lunch, the discussion shifted to Pages for iOS, Apple’s word processing program. Many of the features are similar to the features in Keynote, so if you learn one, you shouldn’t have too much trouble figuring out the other. Pages has a lot of great templates, and the important thing to remember is that these documents are meant to be viewed on a device–they’re not intended for printing. So go ahead and throw in all of the videos and links you want to make it as interactive as possible. I’m thinking of using the Flyer template to have the kids create their mind maps digitally instead of the old school cut-and-paste-on-poster board.

We finished the day with a really brief intro to Numbers. All of these features are available as tables and graphs in Keynote and Pages, so Numbers really seems to be more suited for math classes.


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