Today was my last day at the school where I had taught for the past 13 years. I stepped out of the traditional classroom and let the door shut one last time, and I crossed the threshold on the way to a new adventure in a classroom without doors, or walls for that matter. I’m heading for the virtual classroom. The basic idea is the same: education. But the methods will be so drastically different.

I’ll have more to share when I learn more about my role in the coming weeks. My journey with 1:X has just reached a whole other level.


How To Grade Papers


1. Remove papers from tote bag.
2. Choose a colored pen.
3. Make a cup of tea.
4. Watch an episode of Law & Order: SVU.
5. Eat a banana.
6. Read first paper.
7. Let the dogs out to potty.
8. Eat a handful of almonds.
9. Read an article from Twitter about teaching.
10. Check Facebook.
11. Read second paper.
12. Return papers to tote bag.
13. Wait until Sunday evening.
14. Repeat.