Last weekend, my school participated in The Big Event, a community-wide service project. Students and staff volunteered at various sites and completed tasks to better the community. I worked with a team of high schoolers at the Giving Garden where we prepared beds for new plants, spread fresh mulch on the paths, and pulled grass and weeds. It was this last activity that provided me with a mini-epiphany: It’s easier to weed someone else’s garden than it is to weed your own. And when you think about weeds as metaphors for problems–well, the parallel is even more clear.

What appeared to be an insurmountable task at first became much more manageable as 6 or 7 of us dug in to hack and pull at stubborn grass and weeds. We labored as a team to tackle those weeds, and because we worked together, it was easier to see the progress, and the job didn’t seem quite as difficult.

The same goes for problems in our personal and work lives. When we talk out issues with a friend or coworker, we often come to solutions that we may have never even considered. Just verbalizing what’s bothering you or talking through an idea with someone else can lessen your burden and bring you to a point where you feel like you can put your plans into action.

Once the weeds are cleared away, things always look a little brighter.




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