And There’s the Wall

I think I’ve hit max capacity of what my brain can withstand. We had great discussions this morning about being leaders on our campuses when we return. That’s not anything that concerns me; I feel confident enough to share information with my colleagues, and what I don’t know, I know how to find the answers. 

What I really need now is time with the curriculum. When we moved to breakout sessions, I decided that since I’m teaching something new, I should start a new Google site instead of a new SchoolWeb page, though I’m sure I’ll run into the same issues with connectivity that I’ve suffered in the past. Then I turned my attention to the curriculum to figure out just where to start. Then I went looking for resources online. Then I started talking with others from my campus about how to present what we’ve learned to our colleagues when we return to school in August. What it boils down to is that I’m overwhelmed with so much information and too many different ways to present it. 

The thing to remember (and maybe I’ve said this or seen it somewhere else before) is that the content must come first. And so after today I’ll go get a (real, not iBooks) copy of A Separate Peace and start reading and annotating it (with highlighters, post-its, and pencil) just as my students will be doing this summer. Then I’ll come back to all of the technology at my disposal and figure out what I can use to enrich and enhance students’ learning.