Our Apple Educator introduced us to SAMR (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition). As we start out on our 1:x journey, using tech as a substitute to the “usual” way of doing things will be the easiest place to start. Instead of having kids write in a journal each day, we can ask them to type their thoughts on their iPads and save them to Google Drive. Later, we’ll find ways to augment lessons with tech. Maybe kids can share the journal via Google Drive with another student or with the teacher, improving the functionality of the tech. Eventually, we can modify assignments with tech. Students can peer edit others’ writing and give comments via Google Docs. Finally, we’ll redefine tech, or maybe tech will redefine the way we teach. We’ll find ways of using tech that we had never thought of before.

We’re on the brink of something pretty great, and I’m excited to be part of it!